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Four years of cultural exchange between hip hop groups in Darwin and Cambodia culminate in this exhilarating work which blends the untamed, raw energy of improvised b*boy battles with slickly integrated choreography.

Created by acclaimed Australian hip hop choreographer Nick Power, Between Tiny Cities brings together Aaron Lim from Darwin and Erak Mith from Phnom Penh, two performers from dramatically different worlds. United by an international dance language born in the streets of New York, their two bodies progress from visceral competition to fluid, even tender cooperation to the beats and sound design of Jack Prest.

Dance doesn’t come more up-close than this, as you stand at the edge of hip hop’s traditional 10-metre diameter “cypher” circle.

An authentic as well as aesthetic blast of up-to-the-minute dance.

Between Tiny cities is a beautiful, bravely presented duet that tells how two competitors from different milieus discover commonalities through dance. 

O-Ton, Berlin

...including swiftly performed power moves – windmills and headspins – and dramatic freezes... (it's) a rich exploration of the possibilities of hip hop choreography.

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