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A cornerstone of hip hop culture, crews grew out of the territorialism of street gangs in the Bronx of the 1970s. The collective creativity of a group of dancers, united by culture, style or connection to place, was honed through competition in block party “battles". Recent years have seen a shift to individuality in hip hop dance styles but in this spectacular piece choreographer Nick Power showcases two unique crews from opposite sides of the globe.

Lady Rocks, from Paris, is a rarity: an all female crew who came together after tiring of men calling the shots in mixed groups. They forged their precise, combative and tightly choreographed style from a mix of top rock, breaking, locking and salsa.

The members of Sydney’s Riddim Nation come from Cambodian, Sudanese, Tongan and Samoan backgrounds, integrating traditional moves into their cheeky, fluid and deceptively chilled style.

Both share a great generosity of spirit and radiate fun and funk in their phenomenal displays of prowess. With a driving soundtrack by Jack Prest, this sharp, skillfully produced show is an ideal Festival introduction for a new generation.

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