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Adelaide Festival gratefully acknowledges and thanks our generous financial supporters. Such gifts are vital in supporting our vision to be amongst the greatest festivals worldwide, to bring extraordinary arts experiences to our city and inspiring audiences of today and future generations.

We would like to thank the following individuals, foundations and companies for their generous gifts and we thank all those donors who provide gifts under $500. Without you, the Adelaide Festival would not be possible.






Chairman’s Circle Committee Chair

Lesley Haas-Baker


Chairman’s Circle Committee

Anna Baillie-Karas

Michael Bickford

MaryLou Bishop

Michael Davis AO

Jill Hill

Lee Ross-Solomon


Chairman’s Circle

Veronica Aldridge & Don Aldridge

Charles Bagot & Catherine Bagot

Anna Baillie-Karas & Jason Karas

MaryLou Bishop & Dr Joe Verco AM

Angelique Boileau & Michael Boileau

Diane Colton & Alan Colton

Colin Cowan & Robyn Cowan

Jane Doyle & Ian Doyle

Rick Frolich & Jan Frolich

Lesley Haas-Baker & Michael Bickford

Amanda Harkness & Karen Barrett

Amanda Hayes & Chris Harford

Michael Hayes & Janet Hayes

Samuel Joyce

Debra Knight

Roger Lang & Janet Hoopmann

Dr Geoffrey Martin & Dr Sorayya Martin

David McKee AO & Pam McKee

Peter McKee & Pamela McKee

Diane Myers

Nunn Dimos Foundation

Dr Chris Pazios & Georgie Pazios

Judy Potter & George Potter

Bernadette Quirke

Janet Rice & David Rice

Andrew Robertson & Gayle Robertson

Dr Ben Robinson & Sue Cocks

Sarah Rohrsheim & Geoff Rohrsheim

Lee Ross-Solomon

Andrew Sutherland AM & Sibby Sutherland

Ginger Taylor-Fitzpatrick & Barry Fitzpatrick AM

Dr Christopher Verco RFD KSJ

The Rt Hon Sandy Verschoor & Gregg Mitchell

Robert Waltham & Chris Waltham

Robert Warner CBE & Jill Hill

Anonymous (2)




 Rob Brookman AM & Verity Laughton

Margo Hill-Smith & Sam Hill-Smith

Ulrike Klein AO

The Hon Amanda Vanstone AO



Anna Baillie-Karas

Rob Brookman AM & Verity Laughton

Francene Connor

Alexandra Dimos & Andrew Nunn

Merry Ewing

Peter Goldsworthy & Lisa Temple

Sam Harvey

Rick Sarre & Debra Sarre

David Smallacombe & Alison Smallacombe

Merry Wickes


Ross Adler AC & Fiona Adler

Antoinette Albert

Neil Armfield AO

Berg Family Foundation

William JS Boyle CM

Rob Brookman AM & Verity Laughton

Elise Callander

Nicholas Callinan AO & Libby Callinan

Andrew Cameron AM & Cathy Cameron

Anthony Carroll & Bronny Carroll

Maggie Cash

Penny Chapman

Cav Maurice Crotti AO & Tess Crotti

Mark de Raad

Ian Dickson & Reg Holloway

Martin Dickson AM & Susie Dickson

Colin Dunsford AM & Libby Dunsford

Vanessa Duscio & Richard Evans

Kathryn Fagg AO

Michael Gannon & Helen Gannon

Colin Golvan AM QC & Dr Deborah Golvan

Jane Hansen AO & Paul Little AO

Jill Hickson Wran AM

Andrea Hull AO

John Ingram

Peter Jopling AM QC

Andrew Kaldor AM & Renata Kaldor AO

Julie Kantor AO

Robert Kenrick

Pauline Killey & Andrew Killey

Catherine Lowy In Memory of John Price

Joan Lyons

Fiona MacLachlan OAM

David Marr & Sebastian Tesoriero

Tim McFarlane AM & Caroline McFarlane OAM

David McKee AO & Pam McKee

Peter McKee & Pamela McKee

Diana McLaurin

Ian McRae AO & Åsa Hasselgård

Jane Michell

Naomi Milgrom AO with the Naomi Milgrom Foundation

MM Electrical Merchandising

Music with a View (Annie Whealy)

Susan Perrin-Kirby

Prof Dimity Reed AM & Dr Garry Joslin

Peter Reeve & Jaycen Fletcher

Susan M Renouf

Penelope Seidler AM

Fiona Sinclair & Peter King

Jan Sundell OAM

Susan Thacore

Mary Vallentine AO

Maureen Wheeler AO & Tony Wheeler AO

Cameron Williams

Kim Williams AM & Catherine Dovey




Ulrike Klein AO


Arts Projects Australia

Leigh Emmett

Jane Hansen AO & Paul Little AO

Michael Kantor & Silvia Kantor

Robert Kenrick

Naomi Milgrom AO with

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation

John Phillips & Dymphna James

Maureen Ritchie



William JS Boyle CM

Diane Hart & Graham Bate

David Knox & Clare Knox

Ian McRae AO & Åsa Hasselgård

Rebel Penfold-Russell OAM

Mark Roderick & Kirsty Roderick

Roger Salkeld & Helen Salkeld


Candy Bennett

John Bishop AO

Julian Grose & Stephanie Grose

Laura Healy

Dr Scott Ma

The Hon Maria Panagiotidis

Judy Potter

Diané Ranck

Robina Weir & Glen Weir

Pamela Yule


Elizabeth Abbott & Serge Humen

Don Aldridge & Veronica Aldridge

Dr Margaret Arstall

Marea Atkinson

Helen Barlas

The Hon David Bleby QC & Elizabeth Bleby

Dr Chris Branson

Rob Brookman AM & Verity Laughton

Torben Brookman & Richelle Brookman

Beverley Brown OAM

Gerry Butler & Sue Forrest

Eva Chin

Dr Natasha Chow & Robin Nicholson

Sue Crafter & Michael Abbott AO QC

Leonie Ebert

Emeritus Prof Anne Edwards AO

Sam Harvey

Dr Zen Herzberg & Susie Herzberg

Ritchie Hollands

Sarah Killey

The Hon Diana Laidlaw AM

The Hon Anne Levy AO

Jean Matthews

Ian McDougall

Janet McLachlan

The Hon Carolyn Pickles

Robert Pontifex AM

Thelma Pye

Meredyth Sarah AM & Don Sarah AM

Christopher Stone

Caroline Treloar

Dr Barbara Wall

Jay Wheeler & Amanda Wheeler

Merry Wickes