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The artist, a clumsy, sweet bespectacled fellow, is searching for inspiration. His canvas is terrifyingly blank, his studio is untidy, there’s a drip from the ceiling that’s driving him nuts, and his paintbrushes are frustratingly out of reach. But every problem has a solution as long as you think hard, rule out the obvious and opt for the most wildly idiotic.

New Zealand born, Finland-based Thom Monckton has had audiences in thirty countries on the floor with laughter armed only with his elastic body and face, a few grunts and his mastery of the sidewards glance and audience stare-down.

This follow up to his smash hit The Pianist is a chain reaction of incredibly imaginative set pieces by a master clown and acrobat. Every unexpected digression opens up new vistas of stupidity and yet manages to propel him to the innocently magical ending.

If your kids love Frank Woodley, they will have a ball. So will you, of course!

Stomach muscle-achingly funny.

The Scotsman

Monckton is back with another masterful display of the art of wordlessly eliciting laughter...

The Times

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