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North Pole, 4am. Against a snowy landscape dotted with miniature trees, houses with twinkling lights and smoke puffing from chimneys, a dilapidated campervan containing three filmmakers battles the elements. They’re on their way to capture a part of the world which is disappearing; doing their best with what little equipment they have, to document Earth's last living species.

A masterclass in wit, ingenuity and sheer theatrical brilliance (and a Total Theatre Award winner at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe), the three performers from the Belgium based Chaliwaté and Focus companies create a wordless call to arms against our own ravaging climate monster. Unsurprisingly, it's more effective than a thousand earnest sermons.

Collective insanity, blindness to the bleeding obvious; it’s a rich subject for bittersweet clowning (think of Buster Keaton as the hurricane blows down the barn). What sets this piece apart is the sheer genius of the storytelling. Involving lo-fi FX, miniature vehicles, puppetry, video, deadpan mime and ingeniously simple physical recreations of film language it constantly delights and makes us wonder as much at the cleverness of humanity as at its stupidity.

Oh and there are also the most adorable polar bears you’re ever likely to see on stage.

Rarely is so much accomplished in so short a time. They make us laugh with their ingenuity and then break our hearts with their profound message about climate change.

The Scotsman

… a jewel of creativity and humour and our heart’s choice for 2018.

Le Suricate Magazine

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