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Somewhere in America, an army of teenage competitive dancers is plotting world domination. One routine at a time. Their coach has told them that dance can change the world and they’re determined not only to change it, but to save it. As the national title looms and the dancers fight it out for the lead role, reality and fantasy blur in this award-winning pageant of ferocious girl power.
Part-Dance Moms, part-Hunger Games, Dance Nation is a crushingly funny satire of ambition that sees some of the country’s finest adult actors capture the agonising ecstasy of adolescence. Set against a backdrop of cut-throat schoolyard politics, Clare Barron’s smash-hit is an endlessly inventive and delightfully unhinged look at how we become who we are.

Wild, funny, ferocious drama.

Time Out

Dance Nation feels like a mixture of Carrie, a Judy Blume novel, Bring It On and the finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer all tied together with a ragged red bow – and this, let me assure you, is a very good thing.

The Stage

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