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Adelaide Festival welcomes the return of the The Palais Long Lunch Series in 2019 and who better to take food and festival to the next level than one of Australia’s most beloved journalists together with one of Australia’s most admired politicians. Annabel Crabb and The Hon Julie Bishop MP will host the first of the Long Lunch series on Saturday 9 March.

The Hon Julie Bishop MP said: “As a daughter of South Australia I am delighted to be part of the Long Lunch series to showcase the state’s spectacular people, produce and creative scene.”

This is the ultimate lunch for food and political junkies alike as Crabb, host of ABC series Kitchen Cabinet brings her charm and personable style to a Long Lunch inspired by her latest cookbook – Special Guest – Recipes for the Happily Imperfect Host. Together with Julie Bishop, this promises to be a Long Lunch of great food, dynamic personalities and fascinating stories as these two inspiring women take to the cooking stage.

Annabel Crabb said: "I've always thought you get more out of politicians when you get them away from Parliament House and into a place that means something to them - preferably with a glass of wine in hand. Across the table, you can ask all sorts of things that would normally be off-limits. I look forward to seeing the Adelaide Hills-bred Julie Bishop in March at the Long Lunch; it's been a long year in politics, so an exceptionally long meal seems more than warranted. There's a lot to learn about Australia's first female Foreign minister, an icon of her party and possibly the only minister of the Howard, Abbott and Turnbull governments who would be capable of conducting the entire exchange in emoji!"

Joint Artistic Director of Adelaide Festival Rachel Healy said: “When Annabel and I co-habited in various share houses in our university days I'd always secretly hope that the leftovers from her brilliant kitchen creations would be waiting for me when I got home! I'm so pleased that thirty years later I'll get another opportunity to revisit her superlative cooking talents, this time accompanied by a funny and insightful conversation with one of Australia's most interesting politicians, Julie Bishop."

Featuring a unique food and wine program curated by Gill Minervini (Dark MOFO Winter Feast, City of Sydney Events), The Palais’ Long Lunches invite diners to enjoy the art of hospitality as leading guest chefs and special guests thrill with their latest culinary creations, conversations and stories, in the ultimate setting looking out over the Adelaide Riverbank .

Gill Minervini said: “What a pleasure it is to kick off The Palais Long Lunch Series with these two inspiring SA women who are loved and adored - one for her journalistic, political and culinary acumen and the other for her class act as Australia’s first female Foreign Minister. Julie grew up on her family’s apple and cherry orchard in Basket Range so her connection to SA food is in her DNA, as is Annabel’s - this will be a dynamic and delicious Long Lunch experience. This year it is all about blending some of South Australia’s most impressive cooks and chefs with extraordinary Festival entertainment, from stories and songs, to music and performance. I invite everyone to come along and enjoy the art of hospitality.”

Long Lunches AF19

Adelaide Festival Long Lunch Series
Annabel Crabb and The Hon Julie Bishop MP

Sat 09 Mar, 11:45am

Duncan Welgemoed with Special Guests Isango Ensemble
Sun 10 Mar, 11:45am

Maggie Beer with Special Guest Robyn Archer
Mon 11 Mar, 11:45am

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