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No plans for the Easter long weekend? Sit back, relax and listen to some great music.

ABC Classic will broadcast the recording of 10 concerts from the series A Brief History of Time: Chamber Landscapes, curated by Genevieve Lacey for the 2019 Adelaide Festival. Whether you missed out on these concerts, or you want to hear them all over again, we have your back.

Put these dates and times in your diary:

Thu 18 Apr, 1pm Arrows of Time

Fri 19 Apr, 10pm Stories for Ocean Shells

Sat 20 Apr, 12pm Aquilonis

Sat 20 Apr, 8pm Rímur

Sat 20 Apr, 10pm New Ancient Songs

Sun 21 Apr, 2pm Remembrance of Times Past

Sun 21 Apr, 5pm Enlightenment

Mon 22 Apr, 12.30pm Orpheus with his Lute 

Mon 22 Apr, 7.30pm The Expanding Universe

Mon 22 Apr, 9.30pm A Brief History of Time 


These concerts, as well as the five artist conversations hosted by Paul Kildea, will also be available to stream on-demand via the ABC Classic web-site as well as the ABC Listen app for 30 days following their initial broadcast. For more information, visit the ABC Classic website.

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