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With his four acclaimed solo albums and myriad recording collaborations, indie-rock artist Kevin Morby is a true musical auteur. His singular vision, literate lyrics, and aptitude for catchy, dense song writing has placed him firmly among the ranks of modern icons like Bill Callahan, Kurt Vile and Sharon Van Etten. With his latest album, Oh My God, Morby’s songs are a pop-art exploration of deep, post-Trump anxiety. Hearing his best work to date live will be a magical night.

This is easily Mr. Morby’s best record, and will be among 2019’s best indie rock offerings.

Wall Street Journal

A secular rock record consumed by religious imagery, a pop art exploration of deep anxiety, and his most interesting work yet.


In using religious language, ideas and images in Oh My God, Kevin Morby has made his own version of a holy text... only a songwriter as soft and deft as Kevin Morby could have pulled it off so charmingly.

The 405

[Oh My God] explores his fascination with the structure of religion, and the way it works in human lives, with more exuberance than ever before.

Aquarium Drunkard

An artistic achievement for Morby, [Oh My God] commendably establishes him as a mainstay in modern music.

Under The Radar

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