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Pleas for protection in classic High Renaissance style (from Gesualdo, Croce and others), then refracted through a modern prism (Paul Schoenfield’s Psalm 86 in Hebrew). Features the beautiful anthem One thing I have desired by great and underrated British composer Herbert Howells and a serene Psalm 23 from Denmark's Carl Nielsen.



Tiburtio Massaino (before 1550–c. 1609), psalm 16, Conserva me Domine

Thomas Ravenscroft (1582/83–c. 1635), psalm 4, Oxford

Ferdinando di Lasso (1560–1609), psalm 62, Sperate in Domino

Melchior Franck (c. 1579–1639), psalm 71, Quantas ostendisti

Herbert Howells (1892–1983), psalm 27, One thing I have desired

Marcin Leopolita (1537–c. 1584), psalm 139, Mihi autem

Giovanni Croce  (1557–1609), psalm 51, Miserere mei

Paul Schoenfield (b. 1947), psalm 86, Hateih hashem

Gesualdo da Venosa (c. 1566 – 1613), psalm 61, Exaudi, Deus

Alexander Horologius (c. 1550–1633), psalm 57, Miserere mei, Deus

Caspar Othmayr (1515–1553), psalm 91

Carl Nielsen (1865–1931), psalm 23, Dominus regit me

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